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Fall Sports Season is Coming

Sports-Physical-Grand-JunctionFall Sports Season is Coming

The best way to avoid delays this fall is to have your sports physical early. Every fall we hear from parents needing to get their kid in NOW for a sports physical. Often times it’s the same day as their try outs.

The problem with this strategy is if your child needs further testing, it may take days or weeks to have that testing done. If we find a problem on your child’s exam that needs further testing, it may delay their clearance. But, if you get your child in now you’re more likely going to be fine!

PPE Certified

Not all doctors can perform Preparticipation Physical Exams (PPEs) for high school athletes. Dr. Christianson at COOR Wellness is certified to do PPEs, but there are some circumstance where we recommend seeing a sports medicine doctors.

When to see a Sports Medicine Doctor

There are some health conditions where we recommend you see your family practice physician or a sports medicine doctor like Dr. Mistry at Western Orthopedics

Before scheduling with us, ask your son or daughter if they have the following:

  • chest pain
  • chest palpitations (thumping either seen or felt)
  • severe shortness of breath
  • feeling light headed with exercise
  • severe cramping
  • visual disturbances with exercise
  • high heart rate

Or if you have a family history of family members dying of cardiac problems early in life, it’s best that Dr. Mistry see your son or daughter.

Contributing to the Community

Almost 100% of the money we collect for High School Sports Physicals we give back to the community. We charge $25, and we donate almost all of that back to your child’s booster club or the children’s charity of their choice.

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