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Hip Mobility Tools – Your 3 Best Options

Knowing some easy hip mobility tricks can drastically improve your life and overall well being. Athletes, active individuals and maturing populations will all benefit from learning and practicing some basic hip mobility techniques.

Were you ever aware you really have four hips? That’s right. You have your proper hip joints; the ball and socket joint. And you have your SI joints (also known as your sacroiliac joints). The SI joints are stiff, and you want and need that stiffness. But your proper hip joints need to be mobile and we want you to know The 3 Best Tools on How to Mobilize Your Hips.

You Are Your Best Resource

That’s right. You are your best ally in creating mobile, strong, stable and pain-free hip joints. Some of the best and most effective ways to improve hip mobility are only with you, the floor or a chair and gravity.

The best part about this is it’s free. You can use your chair at work, your bed at home and the floor in your hotel room when traveling.

To save yourself time and energy doing pointless stretches though, you’ll want an outsiders perspective. You can schedule a time with your chiropractor, movement specialist or your fitness coach.

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They all have a trained eye to spot limitations in joint motion. And, they will tell you when a mobility strategy is going to help or if you really should be doing strengthening activities.

The Pinky Ball

When a patient of ours needs help with their muscle we often will recommend an affordable device called the Pinky Ball. They’re less firm than a La Crosse ball (another tool many people use) and they’re forgiving but still firm.

When people have really tight buttock muscles the Pinky Ball works really well. You can apply the ball on your buttock and use the wall or the floor as counter pressure. You’ll roll the ball around the tight tissue and apply a pressure that creates a “feel good” feeling. If it hurts, please discontinue using the Pinky Ball, especially if you have sciatica or piriformis syndrome. You do not want to roll a ball over the sciatic nerve.

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The Superband

The Superband is one of the most helpful tools for hips. Versatile and affordable, Superbands help you with hip mobility and can strengthen your hips.

When you learn to place the Superband correctly, they can add a very targeted stretch to your joint capsules and make them feel brand new. When applied to stiff hip joints they can make your whole body feel better. You’ll realize how important your hips are to your overall well being shortly after you go through a mobility session with a Superband. When shopping for a Superband, you’ll want at least an inch wide Superband.

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What’s Next?

You can pick up these tools in our office or purchase them through many online retailers. You can click on the photos above to buy them on Amazon if you’re motivated to invest in your hip health immediately.

We have a lot of hip mobility videos on our YouTube channel. You can visit our channel by clicking HERE


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