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About COOR Wellness

Our mission is to provide accelerated treatment & recovery, preventative care, and a higher level of performance in life and work within a coordinated collaborative provider model.

COOR Values:

  1. Integrity.  We operate with a culture of integrity, empathy and respect for your time and autonomy.
  2. Dedicated to Results.  We are dedicated to helping you achieve short and long-term goals.  If another provider better serves your needs, we will refer you.
  3. Selfless Team.  We work as a selfless cohesive team.
  4. Growth.  We continually seek self and process improvement.
  5. Expectation-Exceeding Service. We are committed to exceeding patient, client, and community expectations.

COOR is part coordinated and also an abbreviated word for Coach + Doctor.  COOR Wellness is a health and wellness clinic that coordinates the doctor approach with the coach approach to serve a person’s specialized needs.  Doctors are experts who help diagnose a problem and administer care, which is vital for an immediate health problem.  However, too often, patients do not follow through with their doctor’s advice.  The expert approach is not ideal when one wants to lose weight, reduce stress, or develop a confident mindset. By contrast, certified health & wellness coaches believe people already have some knowledge on how to improve their health and wellness. Coaches deliver a growth-promoting partnership by supporting the individual with autonomous goal and strategy-setting and accountability.  The coach provides structure, tracks progress, and keeps people on track. The coach can also help a person follow through with a doctor’s plan, design strategies for obstacles, and create short-term solutions that lead to long-term lifestyle improvements.

Why do you need accelerated treatment & recovery?  

When you are in pain, you deserve quick, appreciable recovery.  Coor Wellness can accelerate your treatment and recovery process to help you return to activities you enjoy.

Why is it important to seek preventative care?  

Benjamin Franklin said it first: ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ We live by this quote at Coor Wellness!  Just like changing the oil in your car prevents your engine from breaking down and causing expensive major troubles, consistently strengthening your muscles, increasing your heart rate, and eating cleanly can prevent you from experiencing expensive major setbacks in the future.  

It’s easy to make choices that lead to foreseeable challenges like back pain, repetitive motion injuries, tendonitis, and diabetes, to name a few.  When patients come to us, they often have an underlying dysfunction.  Our providers work with each patient to reduce the chances of a recurring problem.

When you concern yourself with prevention, you become healthier, more self-sufficient, and less dependent on providers.  Thus, you can avoid pain and spend less money and time managing once-preventable problems later.  

Why do you want a higher level of performance in life and work?

You may have a job that requires you to be healthy.  You may want to serve as a positive role model for your children or grand-children.  Maybe you want to become more productive, build trust among peers, or increase your professional opportunities.  Perhaps you simply want to get out of pain.  Or maybe you want to increase your quality and quantity of recreational experiences.  Whatever your situation is, the providers at Coor Wellness can support you.

Why does having coordinated collaborative interdisciplinary providers matter to you?

If you are seeing multiple providers, but they aren’t collaborating for your benefit, this can lead to tug-of-war treatment, frustration, and an unproductive resolution. With a team of specialized providers working in sync for the benefit of each patient, you receive specialized professional coordination for your unique needs that cannot be accomplished by a single person.  Think of it as a one-stop shop for your health and wellness.  This, in turn, can reduce stress, increase positive outcomes, and save time and money so you can pursue what is most important to you.  Coor Wellness provides the Coach + Doctor model that puts your needs first – coordinated to benefit one person – YOU!

Can Coor Wellness help me even if I’m not experiencing pain?

Yes!  In fact, we hope to see you long before you may need a medical professional!  We provide education through our health and wellness coaching, nutrition coaching (coming soon), and exercise instruction (individual and group) to support your health, wellness and professional goals.  You don’t have to wincing in pain to partner with Coor Wellness to achieve sustainable change and become your best self.  

Why are Coor Wellness Certified Health & Wellness Coaches vital to your health?  A certified coach can be a game-changer for you.  Check this out:

        1. U.S. healthcare costs associated with lifestyle-related chronic diseases are estimated to be 75% of total costs (CDC, 2013).
        2. Fewer than 5% of adults engage in top health behaviors.  Preventative Medicine, 2003).
        3. Only 20% of adults are thriving (Applied Psychology: Health and Wellbeing, 2010).  Are you in the 20%?
        4. 37% of doctors say patient noncompliance negatively affects optimal care A LOT of the time.  Most doctors say noncompliance affects optimal care at least some of the time.  (Consumer Reports, 2011).
        5. Only 53% of patients with chronic pain said their primary care doctor helped to minimize their pain or discomfort (Consumer Reports, 2011).

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