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18 Ways to Transform Your Body (Part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of our 3 part series on ways to transform your body immediately.  If you have missed our previous posts in this series, please find them below:

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Most of the discussion about how to transform your body has related to being prepared. Whether the preparation has been related to preparing fresh vegetables for the inevitable quick and easy impulsive decisions made during snacking, or if it’s been planning ahead by keeping workout gear in your car to make it easier to say yes to the gym.

Another thing that makes a huge difference is a change in the environment, which we have seen in leaving your work out items around your home to remind yourself to use them.

Here are other ideas from the experts on how to incorporate these transformations into your life:

  • Be actively social: Change where you meet socially. Try meeting in the park instead of the bar. Try taking walking meetings instead of seated ones. Find ways to make social gatherings have activities built in.


The beautiful scenery when you walk on errands.
  • Walk on errands. Walking to and from errands may take you longer, but the health benefits are worth it. It may even enable you to share a car or use a carshare service instead of having to pay the high costs of ownership yourself.


  • Walk while you work. Move while you are on the phone. For a greater experience. get yourself an old treadmill and a surf-shelf and walk and work at the same time.
Stretching at least 5 minutes an hour.
  • Take a work break. Every hour you should take a 10-minute break from your work to stretch and relax. There is a software package for anti-repetitive strain injury that will lock your computer every hour for 5 minutes if you just cannot tear yourself away.


  • Get coaching. Turn your loved ones into coaches. Ask your kids to count your reps or do anything that makes them feel part of your process. If they get to remind you that you are not supposed to be doing something, they will probably buy into it more easily. Kids like to be able to nag parents and tell them what to do when they have their parents permission to do so.

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