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Rib Pain

3 Easy Ways to Fix Rib Pain

There are many ways to fix rib pain and there are many people who want to isolate it to one way only. But we have news for you. It’s not that simple. While there are many easy and affordable ways to help yourself at home, there will never be a one size fits all approach. Knowing if you need stretching or strengthening is hard to determine on your own. But before you hire a professional, try these and then reach out if you need assistance. Keep reading to learn 3 Easy Ways to Fix Rib Pain.


Often times we see people who have “rib pain” or a “rib out” who will best improve when they take a load off. Literally, temporarily stop loading your thoracic spine and mid-back at the gym or at work.

Now most of us cannot take time off of work. Many of need to work and have dependent children. And if you’re like the patients at COOR Wellness you find it hard to take a day off at the gym. And we’re not advocating that. What you need to do is find movements and activities that don’t irritate a rib that’s already causing you pain. For more information on that, check out Exercising Through Pain and the Athlete Audit Process.

Furthermore, take action reducing the strain on your middle back and rib.

One exercise we give often to desk workers, stylists and athletes with rib pain is Supine Bruegger’s. This exercise helps reduce tension in your shoulders and often will relieve rib pain when it’s not from a stiff rib joint.

This exercise can be done with no equipment and is a great way to gain energy too.

Roll Out

When your rib pain is coming from a stiff rib joint you may be able to use a foam roller to get it to move better. There are additional tools we recommend in addition to a foam roller, but this is a tool many are familiar with.

Middle Back Pain

This can be sensitive so please breathe slowly in and out when foam rolling. If you hear a ‘pop’ that is not painful don’t worry about it. It’s likely not hurting anything. We often teach patients how to use the foam roller and are available if you need help. Call the office at 970-712-6059 and we’ll walk you through it at an affordable rate.

Open Books

Lastly, after your middle back and rib is doing better you’re going to want to keep it moving well. On of our favorite exercises to keep you shoulder, middle back and ribs moving freely is a simple, no equipment necessary exercise call Open Books. CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to perform Open Books.

Take Action

Solving rib pain can often be done on your own through these and additional methods. None of these are hard and minimal equipment is necessary. When you’re unsuccessful in solving this on your own, please reach out and let us know. In these circumstances you will need an assessment and diagnosis. A simple evaluation by a well trained Chiropractor or Physical Therapist should show you what’ll help. CLICK HERE to find a well trained professional.



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