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7 Ways to Have a Positive Winter

Winter is coming and we need to prepare to have a positive and encouraging winter. Too often, winter spikes seasonal depression, and this winter more than ever we must take responsibility for creating a positive winter. People are saying to prepare for a “Dark Winter”. We believe in using that to make sure we create a Positive Winter. Continue reading to hear 7 Ways to Have a Positive Winter.

Thank You

Writing Thank You and Thinking of You cards are one way to feel socially connected to your friends and family members. Everyone enjoys hearing from an old friend and a personal card in the mail. This winter more than ever it’s a smart idea to stock up on greeting cards and show others you care about them.

Click HERE to find some great cards you can buy in bulk.

Family Photos

Recently, we heard from someone that took on a project of scanning old family photos and sending them to their loved ones. This project was an energy and emotional booster for many different people, not just the person who did the scanning.

The person scanning plus their family members who received the photos were able to reminisce about past memories and events that were worth memorializing.

The photo scanner we recommend can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Guided Exercise

Many people feel safer being home right now. They want to improve or maintain their fitness through winter but don’t know the right things to do. There are ways to improve your flexibility and strength from home with minimal to no equipment.

There are many applications that will help guide you through fitness from home. The one we offer our clients is not new. It’s been around for years. It lets you choose how much exercise equipment you have access to. It’s affordable and portable.

CLICK HERE to hear more information about the program.

Plan a Sale

My guess is all of us have too much stuff. We all desire more organization, less clutter and more money to reinvest in better experiences or things. Planning a spring yard sale can happen now. Between now and spring, to stay productive, happy and positive through the winter you can plan and prepare for a spring yard sale.

Inventorying what you have and what you can part with between now and spring will give you a physically active and possibly fun experience.

Online Bookclubs

Online book clubs will get your mind engaged and keep you connected to other humans. Physically distancing is a much better way of staying healthy and connected than calling it social distancing.

Keep connected to your friends and family members. Continue learning and engaging. Book clubs are a great way to accomplish all three of these ambitions.

Write a Memoire

Your kids, grandchildren, and others want to hear from you. They want to stay connected and hear stories other than COVID and politics. Right now is the best time to write your own “Life’s Little Instruction Manual”.

Bundle Up

Find ways to continue to walk, run, hike, and bike through the winter. Just because it’s colder outside, does not mean we have to be hermits.

The challenges with COVID19 may continue, but the courage we harvest to face these challenges will use well beyond this winter. Lastly, the strength you develop will be helpful well beyond 2021.

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