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Best Natural Way to Solve Lower Back Pain Naturally Part 1

Lower back pain affects a lot of people. 25.7% of working American adults have lower back pain at this moment. Worse yet, it never comes at a good time. And when you have symptoms that radiate from your lower back down a leg it creates fear.

Many people will promote expensive products and procedures. When you are hurting, the thing you need is reassurance and confidence that affordable options are available.

This article is to support you without falling for gimmicks or having to invest in expensive treatment plans with limited benefits.

Disc Pain

The word ‘disc’ is a four-letter word. This means it’s a nasty word we don’t want to use a whole lot. People with ‘disc’ pain often think surgery is the only option.

That’s not true. There are affordable and portable options available.

Relieve Pressure

When your lower back is hurting and feels like the pressure it may be coming from a disc. Often, people will try decompression therapy.

While there is some benefit to this, most doctors that sell decompression therapy in their office have their motivation in selling you an expensive care plan that rarely helps you. See, decompression therapy is a ‘passive therapy‘ meaning it leads to dependency.

Better Solutions

The better solution to decompression therapy is pool therapy because it is an active therapy. This means it gives you a sense of control over your pain and your future.

More specifically, using a special belt while in the pool helps a lot of people with lower back pain. Specific lower back pain conditions helped through pool therapy include:

  • disc pain
  • sciatica
  • spinal stenosis
  • facet joint pain
  • general lower back pain

Using an aqua therapy belt while in the pool helps because you are:

  1. moving your joints
  2. strengthening your muscles
  3. decompressing the disc joints between your vertebrae

More than anything, moving pain-free leads to more moving pain-free. Then, when you start to feel the benefit you will have more confidence in your spinal stability.

Next steps

Here are three buoyancy belt options (often called an aqua therapy belt or by the brand name Aqua Jogger)

  1. Our #1 recommendation based on its high-quality CLICK HERE low back disc chiropractor
  2. The 2nd most affordable option CLICK HEREfacet joint pain grand junction
  3. This is the least expensive option we recommend CLICK HEREchiropractor grand junction


Try using a buoyancy belt in the deep end of your local pool. You’ll want to start light, then progress to more vigorous exercises. If you need additional help, schedule a free 10 minute consultation by CLICKING HERE

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Going to COOR Wellness is not like seeing your traditional chiropractor who over recommends unnecessary care while never measuring progress or recommending home exercises. We are here to help you feel better without ongoing never ending care.


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