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Chiropractic Open Grand Junction Colorado

Chiropractic and Massage Opening in Grand Junction Colorado

Some people are saying chiropractors are able to see patients. However, some chiropractors are saying they’re closed. Facebook users are announcing “CHIROPRACTIC IS OPEN!”, when really it’s not. Who are you to believe? DORA – the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency is the leading authority on the matter.

In this article we’re going to share with you the current status and our plan here at COOR Wellness in Grand Junction.


Starting Friday March 27th at 10 am our emphasis was on connecting and serving our clients through Telehealth appointments. Performing these allowed us to continue to serve our patients in a safe manner. It’s amazing what can be done through home exercise and encouraging words.


On Thursday April 2nd DORA pointed out to chiropractors that there are some rare cases to see people. CLICK HERE TO READ THE APRIL 2nd UPDATE – in that update, they point out there is some circumstance where chiropractors can see people. While these are pretty extreme circumstances, DORA adds one layer of clarification.

On Monday April 6th DORA provides more clarification by bolding the word procedure. CLICK HERE TO READ THE APRIL 6th UPDATE

Of all of these, what’s important for you is this paragraph:

“As the March 27th guidance indicated, Executive Order D 2020 009 does allow for the discretion of the provider to conduct a chiropractic procedure in those circumstances where an injury or illness is at risk of progression or the patient’s health is at risk of rapid deterioration. You will note that DORA has also listed chiropractors as a critical service, provided that the services performed are within these confines of the Executive Order and are a conservative assessment of procedures that are critical on a case-by-case basis.”

Monday April 20th we heard encouraging news from Denver that it looks like re-opening under strict, but feasible CDC guidelines will begin Monday April 27th for chiropractic care.

Going Forward

Your healthy and safety are number one. However, things will be different.

  • We’ll continue to practice the 6 ft rule (when we can) and wear a respirator
  • We’ll sanitize everything you touch and not have you check in on an iPad. Eventually we’ll have self check in before you arrive, but we like talking with you and showing empathy through conversation
  • We’ll electronically invoice you before your arrival. This confirms your appointment, reduces things you touch and streamlines your appointment plus reduces the number of people in the building at once
  • We’ll screen you for symptoms and exposures before your appointment
  • Staff will continue to work remotely until we’re confident things are safe

One of our COOR Values is process improvement. While we’re confident we’ll exceed these challenges, we ask for a little grace during these changes. We’re seeing some people are having a lot of challenges right now and everyone has differing capacities for change.

Be Kind

We’re beginning to see less humor and confidence as COVID19 goes on. We’re seeing fatigue and increasing political nastiness. On top of that what’s even crazier is we’re hearing massage therapists and chiropractors creating official board complaints against their peers in health.

We know how great the chiropractic adjustment feels and we look forward to performing that, massage therapy and offering you additional solutions starting soon.

As of the time we’re writing this:

Chiropractic is open, but fully scheduled Monday April 27th.

Massage therapy will be announced soon.

Online health and nutrition coaching is available now. Click HERE if you’re needing help with your general health.

Health Connects

We want to hear from you and help you during this time. We’re offering group health coaching during these challening times. We’re launching a 6 week group coaching program to help get us beyond here. We’ll set goals, stay healthy and come out of this better.






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