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COOR Community Hero – Week 2

Thank You Community Hero

The COOR Community Hero for this week is two people: Amber and Nick. They are compassionate for at-risk youth, and have been foster parents. Children who are considered to be “at-risk youth” are the ones who might have a harder time growing into the adult-stage, according to Study.com. It’s great to see the community with passion for our youth.


Chilling Statistics for At-Risk Youth:


  • 10% of children and adolescents are directly exposed to severe mental illness within the United States.
  • The percentage of children and adolescents that are considered to be obese is about 17%.
  • 90% of high school students are addicted to drugs, smoking, or alcohol before the age of 18.

For more information on at-risk youth or statistics, click here.


Amber and Nick have adopted three kids – two from Mesa County DHS. Furthermore, they created their own non-profit program through their work when they felt like they were no longer in a position to take in more kids. The program is called Hero Junction and is designed to give at-risk youth a place to work out. This program gives these kids a safe place to work out their stress, and to interact with positive role models.  Giving a community to children at-risk is so important. These kids need community and surround themselves with positive influences.




Amber says,

“There is one girl in our program that will celebrate  her one year sobriety in November. This is huge and we are so excited to be able to celebrate this milestone with her.”


How YOU can help at-risk youth:

  • Hero Junction is having their annual fundraiser workout and Silent Auction on November 17th at CrossFit Junction. They’re needing silent auction donations. So, please stop by the fundraiser to participate in the workout and bid on silent auction items.
  • Mesa County is always looking for foster families, adoptive families, and respite families. Consider opening your home to foster kids in Mesa County.
  • Donate to programs that help our local youth, like CASA.

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