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COOR Community Hero – Week 4

Thank You Community Hero

COOR Community Hero – Week 4






The COOR Community Hero for this week is Ms. Susan, who is the director of the Kindermusik programs in Grand Junction. Kindermusik offers different programs that use music to engage children emotionally, cognitively, physically, and socially. Ms. Susan’s programs at Kindermusik give families a place to interact with each other in a playful environment. It also allows them to build interpersonal connections and a community within the family and with other families. Additionally, the classroom provides parents a chance to get away from technology and really focus on enjoying and “making memories” with their children. They get to learn to ‘play’ again too! The musical concepts, like rhythms and music-theory, are just a bonus hidden into the experience, according to Ms. Susan.




Ms. Susan says,



“I wish every parent knew the benefits of music for the developing brain…patterns, rhythms, rise and fall of melodies…all have a role in regulating heart-beat, calming the mind, instilling balance in movement, etc.


How Kindermusik works:

  • Foundations:
    • For their youngest learners – research-based activities, appropriate early childhood interactions, and music all join together to create stimulating, fun, and relaxing experiences along with bonding moments.
  • Level 1:
    • Toddlers will move, laugh, as well as play throughout their music class. This will help them to learn how to focus, practice self-control, listen, and play with language, notice and accept routines, and enjoy calm relaxing moments.
  • Level 2:
    • Kids learn musical skills and develop expressive language with different vocal play activities, like call and response. These older toddlers will also learn good preschool skills through instrument exploration, more advanced movements, and learning to take turns.
  • Level 3:
    • Preschoolers have lots of creativity, which is used as the basis for this level. These kids will gain skills in musicianship, working in a group, and instrument ensembles. Along with, receive individual attention in a nurturing environment.
  • Level 4:
    • The kids start to master music terms and concepts, which build a stronger foundation for learning at this level. They get to experiment with musical symbols and more advanced instruments. Furthermore, this will lay the groundwork for formal music instruction and ensure school readiness.
  • Level 5:
    • Developing in problem-solving and pre-literacy skills, children use music notation to play a variety of instruments and participate in ensembles. As they continue to grow musically at this level, they grow in social-emotional and problem-solving skills.
  • Mixed-Age:
    • These classes are great for family bonding as they accommodate all levels of learning and musical ability. A Kindermusik modifier will help with movement activities, group dances, and instrument-play activities for all your children.







Kindermusik impacts all learning domains such as social-emotional, creativity, math and logic, physical, cognition and executive function, and language and literacy.


How YOU can also help children grow:


  • Spring enrollment is coming up! It will open up in early December. Ms. Susan holds classes for families with babies and children up
    to 8 years old.
  • Tell your friends and family about how Kindermusik programs (and other programs that support music and the arts) help children grow.
  • Research how music stimulates growth and development in children.


Call (970) 712-6059 to learn more about how your child can grow with Kindermusik, or to get in touch with Ms. Susan.






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