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Does COOR Wellness Accept Medicaid?

One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “Do you accept Medicaid?” or “Do you take State Insurance”

We will gladly bill Medicaid or anyone else you wish for us to bill. However, that doesn’t mean they will send us payment. So please read more to learn about our current prices at COOR Wellness. Many Medicaid patients pay $35.00 per appointment or less.

Lowest Price

Patients in pain and seeking wellness want the highest results at the least price. And that is our goal too. One thing COOR Wellness does to achieve this performing a thorough exam developed by leaders inĀ  both the chiropractic and physical therapy profession. This evaluation will tell you multiple things:

  1. Do you need a chiropractic adjustment?
  2. The exercises that will help speed up your progress
  3. If you need more diagnostics
  4. If another health care provider is better for you

Least Visits

Many chiropractors reduce their time spent with patients and recommend you coming in over and over again. They bait people with a low front end offer, then do one of two things:

  1. Recommend a lot of visits
  2. Entice you with “cheap” costs

The end result you’re wanting is achieved usually through a combination of chiropractic care combined with home exercises. This will reduce your total cost financially and your time suffering decreases.

Actual Prices

COOR Wellness competes on quality, not cost. That being said, the price our self-pay patients pay is fair and reasonable. As mentioned above the exam is what leads to the best results. It tells us what treatments and exercises are going to lead the results you want.

As of today, Wednesday October 20th of 2021:

  • The exam is $60.00
  • The first treatment is $50.00

95% of COOR Wellness patients feel much better after their first appointment. 96% of patients during the pandemic rated the service at COOR Wellness as “Excellent”.

At your second visit, the doctor will measure your progress and make recommendations. If you need additional care, there are multiple ways to pay for care when you have Medicaid.

Options for Medicaid Patients

Most of COOR Wellness Medicaid patients pay our self-pay rate per visit, which is $50. Many, will also purchase a Money Savings Self-Pay Plan. These plans are approved by the State of Colorado and are based of your health history and your exam. They can reduce the cost of each appointment to as low as $35.00.

When neither of these options are financially possible, some Medicaid patients qualify for a financial hardship. There is a brief application, and 100% of patients who have applied for a financial hardship have been granted one that is within their budget. To complete the application, please CLICK HERE. If you need to hear the status of your application, please either call or send a text message.

You Get What You Pay For

Whether you pay for services in money, time or energy, the saying “You Get What You Pay For” has become timeless because it’s accurate.

COOR Wellness has plenty of free help at our YouTube Channel and often we hear people get 100% simply by following videos there.

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