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Medicare-ChiropractorStay Away from Scammers

Choosing a chiropractor takes a lot of trust. You never know what you’re going to get, and the profession has many people scamming people versus providing quality care. We all know this happens in professions ran by humans and is not unique to only chiropractors. However, a Medicare patient told us about scam that we cannot believe is happening.


The scam was initiated at the local Senior Fair in Grand Junction. The business is baiting people with a free massage and even when you don’t win the massage, they give a free consultation and x-rays. Medicare is firm that a senior in the US cannot be baited with an inducement (the free massage in this example) and then sold health care services billed to Medicare.

Unnecessary Tests

Doing x-rays for free is a big red flag too. This group is using x-rays that are done unnecessarily and then using it to scare people into care.

Please be careful of who you do business. When a clinic offers you free tests, imaging or services speak with current health care providers you trust and your friends and family members. Seek answers from multiple angles before you make significant commitments with your health. Furthermore, if the clinic is mixing billing Medicare while charging you for services please be cautious.


Response Within Reason

You should always know if a treatment is helping or not within a short period of time. You should need to commit to anything beyond three to four weeks. When the treatment is working you can continue. If there are long term commitment involved without access to exit plans please use sound judgement.

COOR Medicare Patients

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