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Finding a Fort Collins Chiropractor

Sending your daughter away to school and hearing she needs $2,300 of chiropractic care plus a ‘financing plan’ to fund it cannot be pleasant. First, your daughter is needing help. Next, you hear it’s going to be expensive financially plus the care is going to be extensive. Lastly, you want your daughter to feel well but what you are hearing doesn’t add up. If you experience something like this and it sounds excessive, please reach out and ask for a referral.

Reasonable Time Frames

Ethical chiropractic care plans have reasonable time frames to measure and track response times. Most results-oriented chiropractors measure progress visit by visit while doing formal re-evaluations monthly. But when you see an estimated 18 adjustments during the 2nd to 3rd month of care after one visit with the doctor, you should start to question the doctor’s motives.

Let’s assume there are 9 weeks during those last two months of care. 18 visits over 9 weeks equate to two trips to the clinic a week. And that’s after a month of receiving in-clinic treatments and hopefully some at-home recommendations. That’s a lot of time, money, and energy going to and from the clinic and our prediction is there is little return on that investment. Our opinion is that time money and energy is better spent going to and from the gym or trailhead for a hike near beautiful Fort Collins.

Finding an Ethical Chiropractor

Regardless of the location, there are a couple of features you want to look for in a clinic or chiropractor when finding one to care for your daughter.

  1. Their website has reviews that state they don’t have your keep coming back over and over again. Plus the reviews state they provide exercises or they offer a quick response to the concern of your family member. This patient specifically, needs help with migraines.
  2. They evaluate movement versus taking x-rays routinely or doing “nerve scans”
  3. They’ll offer treatment on their first visit

Specific Recommendations

To help this patient we asked in an online forum of ethical chiropractors. This group will not only treat the patient but likely will provide exercises to help with long-term improvements.

The best option in Fort Collins is:

  1. Sunstone Health is run by a doctor who was trained at an ethical school and offers a variety of services to complement the adjustment. CLICK HERE to go to their website and call or book an appointment online.

What Else

If you know of other chiropractors in Fort Collins who may help, please complete the Contact Form on THIS LINK.

Migraine Help

If you want more help on Migraine Headache Relief, you can watch this free video:



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