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Preparing for the return to school and specifically high school sports has never been more complicated. With the COVID19 pandemic, there are so many questions and uncertainties.

But there is one thing that will help both parents and high school athletes. That is staying active and participating in athletics.

Take Action

The high school fall sports season is quickly arriving. The better prepared you and your high school athletes are the easier the transition to school will be.  Every year, parents wait to the last minute to schedule their child’s sports physical for their high school athlete in Grand Junction, Palisade and Fruita. Of all years, 2020 is the year to be well prepared.

Don’t Wait


Grand Junction Sports Physical

Medical clinics currently are not allowed to have waiting areas. Therefore everything is by appointment only and everything needs to be very structured and scheduled. Furthermore, there are limited appointments available.


The best thing to do is to schedule your sports physical early,  complete the necessary documentation  and have them evaluated by the provider.  If for any reason there is a need for additional tests,  making sure your high school athlete is seen sooner than later will make things smoother on everyone. It’ll make your life easier. Your child’s life will be easier. The coaches will be happy too.

 The last thing you want is for an issue to come up on their sports physical that needs additional evaluation and the specialist your high school athlete sees  has a waiting list.

Lead by Example

Parents of high school athletes schedule now to make sure your child  is seen sooner than later. Show your children that you do not procrastinate

Fruita Sports Physicals


CLICK HERE to schedule online or call 970-712-6059  to schedule over the phone.


CLICK HERE to download and print the required form  for your exam.


 As mentioned above the sooner you get this done the better.

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