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Improving Your Shoulders

There are a few general stretches we recommend to our patients that improve multiple things at once. And lets face it, wouldn’t you like to ‘kill two birds with one stone’? The mobility strategy we’re introducing here is one of our favorites because it will do a lot for you within a short period of time. Furthermore, this strategy is not only for improving your shoulders it’s also helpful for your back and hip mobility.

Thoracic Spine

You have probably heard us say that before you address the shoulder joint(s) we first need to make sure your middle back is doing well. The thoracic spine and it’s movement is critical for shoulder health. This area of your torso must provide ample bending and twisting. When it doesn’t, it’s dysfunction may lead to unnecessary stress on your shoulder joints.

That Goofy Test

Usually when you go to the chiropractor they have you bend and twist. They feel their spine, then proceed with an adjustment. We like to investigate more than that. When we isolate how well your thoracic spine, your scapula (shoulder blade) and your shoulder joints are working together we can provide more specific care. The more detailed testing we do, the better our in-office care and home exercise recommendations will be for you.

Do you remember having to go through these tests?

Thoracic Extension with Rotation + Scapular Mobility
Isolated Thoracic Rotation and Extension


Both of these movements help us determine what specific treatments and exercise will help you.

Thoracic Rotation with Arm Sweep

This stretch is very helpful for improving your mid-back movement while improving your shoulder mobility. We believe you’ll benefit from this even if you’re not having symptoms. This can be done in your bed or on the floor. Give it a try, and give us feedback on how it helps you.


If you have trouble do this, please reach out and schedule an appointment with our doctor or one of our movement specialists.




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