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18 Ways to Transform Your Body Immediately (Part 2)

Welcome back to part 2 of our 3 part series on how to transform your body. If you have missed part 1 you can find it by clicking :

18 Ways to Transform Your Body Immediately (Part 1)

We have been discussing things that you can do to immediately transform your body for the better. Some of them have to do with preparation for those times when things are just going to get in the way, so you have a backup plan. Like when you end up working late and you have a preplanned meal prepped in the fridge, as opposed to going through a drive-thru. Other things are preparations of a different sort like having fruits and veggies already prepped for snacking to make it easier to select the good choices.

Here are some more great ideas from the experts on how to transform your body:

  • Use extra time on the weekends to make whole grains. Make an extra batch to freeze, so you can have your own version of minute rice all week long.


  • Help your kitchen coach you. Keep your kitchen clutter-free and clean. Presenting a calmness will warn off stress and binge eating. Try getting an edible plant to snack on. Make your refrigerator your own vision board of things you want to achieve.


Wear your sneakers and be ready for activity.
  • Put your comfy shoes on. Wearing sneakers or comfortable shoes makes you feel like you’re up for anything. Be active and be ready for any chance to add activity to your day.


  • Leave your workout gear around. Keeping items to workout with, out and around your home in separate rooms may help you use them more. When you enter a room and see your free weights, stop and do some reps. When you see them all the time, you are more apt to use them.


  • Pack a mobile gym. Traveling doesn’t mean you get to take time off of your goals. Stay in a hotel with a gym and pack a jump rope and resistance bands. Don’t forget that there’s also a series of exercises you can do with only your own body weight


  • Make your car a locker room. Keep extra work out clothes, a healthy snack, and a shaker bottle with protein powder in your car. It makes the decision to go to the gym easier if you are ready to go at a moments notice.


Schedule your workout
  • Schedule your workout.  Put the time you want to workout on your calendar like you would any other important date.



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