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The Best Two Treatments for Tension Headaches

Tension headaches affect 20% of our population. And, of all the types of headaches, 90% of them are classified as “Tension Headaches”. Tension headaches make sufferers irritable and grumpy, but there are natural treatment options. Read on to hear the two best treatments for tension headaches.


The Research Says

This month we’re bringing you a research brief that shows that two of the treatments offered at COOR Wellness are the best options for tension headaches. Imagine getting all the right care under the same roof. That’s what COOR Wellness is doing for the Grand Junction community.

Combining chiropractic adjustments with soft-tissue massage to the muscles at the base of the skull was shown to be the best treatment for these headaches. You can click HERE to read our recently published research brief. In the study, it refers to “sub-occipital inhibitory pressure”. This is a treatment we do regularly and call it a “Sub-occipital Release”. We often teach this to spouses and partners because COOR Wellness believes you should be able to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Massage Alone

Massage, or sub-occipital release, treatments alone scored the lowest in this research. It’s interesting that the researchers saw the greatest improvement with combined treatments. Here is a quote from the study:

“All three treatments were effective at changing different dimensions of quality of life, but the combined treatment
showed the most change.”

Grand-Junction-ChiropractorFinding the Right Treatment

This research is encouraging but there are limits with it. Not all types tension headaches need passive treatments like chiropractic adjustments and massage. Often, people need exercise and spinal stability to improve their tension headaches. The chiropractor, physical or massage therapist treating the patient needs to figure out what the patient needs. When exercises are the answer, getting a massage or adjustment is money down the drain. And vice versa when adjustments or massage is needed, exercising is a waste. Make sure you’re seeing providers who take time to know and study the difference.

Next Step

If you’re tired of ongoing tension headaches, please reach out and call us at 970-712-6059 to schedule a free consultation. If you’re reading this and you’re not in Grand Junction, we can still help you find a provider. You can call us or check these provider listings for qualified professionals:

  1. www.functionalmovement.com
  2. www.movementproviders.com
  3. www.rehab2performance.com

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