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Lasting Improvement Through Movement

The most common reasons people come to our clinic is they want help with their pain, stiffness and movement. People are feeling out of sorts and sometimes downright lousy. They’re not reaching their goals. Sometimes those goals are to run a marathon or exercise without pain. Other times their goals are simply to get out of bed or up from a chair without pain. Regardless of the patient’s goals, our main objective is to see them improve quickly and, more importantly, receive lasting improvement through movement.

Does Movement mean Physical Therapy?

Sometimes new patients see our evaluation and Functional Movement area and say, “oh, you do physical therapy too?”  We will answer this clearly.  The COOR Wellness Functional Movement area has equipment you may see in a physical therapy office. However, as of right now (February 2017) you won’t see the one thing that makes this area an official physical therapy room: a licensed and insured physical therapist.

What’s the difference?

Chiropractor Grand JunctionRespected leader Dr. Craig Liebenson has the best concise definition for Functional Movement: “That what is purposeful to you“.

It’s based on you, the patient’s, goal. Functional movement isn’t profession specific. This means chiropractors, occupational and physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength coaches and fitness professionals all help people with functional movement. It begins when the patient or client specifically states their goals and the professional designs a movement plan for the consumer.

Licensed Physical Therapists have in-depth training in rehabilitation and exercise prescription. Plus, physical therapists have excellent training in muscle and joint diagnosis, including case management.  This is similar training for chiropractors;  however the two professionals have differing emphases.

Doctors of chiropractic receive training in treatment modalities like ultrasound, electric stimulation, low level laser therapy and home exercise prescription. Furthermore, they also have the option of taking an optional physiotherapy national board examination that shows competency in this area. (Dr. Christianson has earned this certification). In some states chiropractors can promote that they do physical therapy, but this is not the case in Colorado.

Regardless, at COOR Wellness, we prefer to call our approach functional movement instead of  physical therapy. We believe that to be fully respectful to the extent of the training a licensed physical therapist has, that should be the only profession that claims they perform physical therapy. Second, we want consumers to be informed and knowledgeable about their choice, not confused.  The consumer needs to know the extent of training and knowledge professionals have in their respective fields.

How does Functional Movement help me?

You’ll need less active treatment and appointments PLUS feel better physically when you learn how to move better. At COOR Wellness, our new patients receive a detailed movement evaluation at their first appointment. Existing patients receive this same evaluation at their re-examinations.

After a patient has progressed and is no longer in pain, a separate comprehensive movement exam used by many respected sports teams including the USA Olympic Gymnastic Team. After a patient has progressed and is no longer in pain, a separate comprehensive movement exam used by many respected sports teams

What’s the next step?

Grand Junction RunningWe’re excited to help you feel and move better. Contact COOR Wellness to book an appointment or call 970-712-6059 to feel better or you’re wanting to start an exercise or training program.

COOR Wellness is a chiropractic, functional movement and health coaching clinic in Grand Junction that utilizes Functional Movement Specialists to empower their patients.

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