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New Patients

Online Scheduling Process

I look forward to helping you achieve your health goals! Scheduling your first visit can be done online from the comfort of your phone or home. COOR Wellness does things very differently than what most people are used to.  We’re elevating the standards of care by focusing on results, not money. 100% of our patients schedule their visits online and reserve time on the doctor’s schedule, we must collect payment to schedule that appointment. Doing this actually will help you recover faster.

After training under some of the best health care providers in chiropractic, athletic training and physical therapy I have learned there are better ways to help people get out of pain and achieve their health goals. I am serious and meticulous about helping you feel better and seeing you achieve your best health. My appointment calendar has limited availability, but I will do my best to schedule you promptly.

Currently, because of the limited availability, we need to limit new patients to the following categories:

  1. referrals from existing patients or other licensed health care providers
  2. insurance provider listings (note, we are actively getting out of network with all insurance companies that do not incentivize improving outcomes)
  3. auto-accidents
  4. worker’s compensation claims
  5. soft-tissue injuries in athletes
  6. pregnancy care

We are happy to help you find another clinic if you need a referral to an ethical chiropractor if we’re unable to find a date and time that works for you.

To schedule, follow these 3 easy steps.

Complete the health history form below so Dr. Christianson can review your health goals prior to your arrival.

We schedule most new patients on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays so that 2nd visit evaluations and home exercise programs can be developed two full days after your first appointment. Check our availability online; then schedule and pay for your first two visits through our booking page. The price of your visits varies based on your insurance. Your payment is applied to your account and any excess will be refunded promptly. Your payment will be refunded if you provide 24 hours notice of a change to your first appointment.

We understand that this process is different than what you’re used to. However, over 93% of new patients from March 2020 to May 2022 rated their experience with COOR Wellness as “Excellent”.

If you’re wondering why payment is required to schedule, we’ve found that when new patients pay before their arrival they recover quicker and are better prepared for their first two visits. In short, you will get better faster and engage with your home exercise program which compliments your in-office care.

After you schedule your New Patient appointment, look in your email inbox or junk mail for detailed instructions on how to prepare to experience an excellent first visit.

If you have questions, you may either:

  1. send a text message to 970-712-6059 and we’ll answer the question when we’re not with patients or
  2. schedule a phone consultation as we do not have phone support right now

Lastly, we try to schedule new patients on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays so that 2nd visit evaluations and home exercise programs can be developed two full days after your first appointment. We always schedule 2 appointments for new patients. If you only wish to have 1 appointment, please call 970-712-6059 and outline your specific circumstances via voicemail.

If you do not see availability or have a special circumstance, please feel free to send a text to 970-712-6059. Please include your name, who referred you and what you need help with.

If you plan to use your insurance, please review your benefits from your insurance before you schedule so you understand how they may help. Using your insurance does not guarantee they will pay for your care and if you want to review your insurance before starting, we can help you with that. If you wish to have a free insurance review CLICK HERE and complete that form.

Please take photos of the front and back of your insurance care and text them to 970-712-6059 before visit 1. The sooner we can look at your insurance the better experience you will have. Furthermore, the more you research what your coverage is, the better experience you will have.

Please dress in loose-fitting clothing like athletic wear or sweatpants. If you need treatment for your knee or below, please wear shorts. For treatments on the shoulders, please wear or bring a tank top.  There is an area to change your clothes in the clinic.

Allow for 45-60 minutes for your initial appointment.

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Dr. Christianson will review your health history before your arrival.

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The Facts

Percentage of patients who underwent manual-thrust manipulation had a 30% reduction in low back pain 4 weeks later (The Spine Journal)
Percentage of people who experience back problems in their lives
Doctors of Chiropractic are the #1 rated healthcare practitioner for low-back pain treatments, ranking above physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians (MD) and other specialty physicians.
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