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Chiropractic & Soft-Tissue Care

Patty's Amazing Comeback

We provide individualized chiropractic care based on your health needs.

COOR Wellness helps their patients to the activities they love!  COOR Wellness is the only chiropractic clinic in Grand Junction to use the respected the Selective Functional Movement Assessment or Functional Movement Screen to establish each patient’s baseline and measure their progress.  COOR Wellness improves outcomes and response time by using Graston Technique, Webster Technique in addition to having been certified in Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.) from 2007-2017.

Most chiropractors in Grand Junction either have you keep coming back over and over again without reason. Or they underserve you by not recommending helpful exercises. Active people living in Grand Junction need a chiropractor who listens to them, spends time to evaluate their body and create a treatment plan that makes sense.

No one wants to see a chiropractor over and over again without any goals or objectives.

At COOR Wellness, we will help you recover and get back to the activities you love in Grand Junction.

Our process

Thorough Evaluation
Effective Treatment to Initiate Improvement
Improve Mobility, Strength & Stability
Enjoy Pain Free Activity


You will have a comprehensive evaluation to learn why you’re experiencing discomfort or poor movement.

Active Lifestyle

Seeing you enjoy your life and activities is our benchmark for success.

Movement Focused

Move Well
Feel Strong

Collaborative Coordinated Care

Your care is coordinated through your chiropractor and movement specialists at COOR Wellness. If you want your care coordinated with other providers, like your family doctor, please let us know.

Payment Options


You may pay by cash, check or credit card.

Auto and Worker's Compensation Insurance

You’re welcome to use your auto or worker’s compensation insurance when you have a claim.

Contact us

It’s time for you to start feeling well. Please contact us to make an appointment or have your questions answered.