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COOR Wellness Certified Health & Nutrition Coaches support the individual with strategy-setting and accountability.  You decide where you want to go.  Your coach provides structure to keep you on the trail to your vision. Your coach can also help you follow through with a doctor’s plan and create short-term solutions that lead to long-term lifestyle improvements.


of participants recommend health coaching (Telephonic Health Coaching Study, CDC, 2011)


said health coaching helped them achieve a weight-related goal (Telephonic Health Coaching Study, CDC 2011)


of U.S. healthcare costs are associated with lifestyle-related chronic diseases (CDC, 2013)

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Our one-on-one health and wellness coaching is an incredibly effective tool to identify, enact and sustain improvements in your life.  Call to schedule a free consultation today and find out if coaching is a good option for you.

Find Your WHY

Do you have a job that requires you to be healthy?  Do you want to serve as a positive role model for your children or grand-children?  Do you want to be more productive, build trust among peers, or increase your professional opportunities?  Get out of pain?  Increase your quality of recreational experiences?  What’s YOUR why?

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Success Stories

Diana Thuma

Attributes Progress To Coach

Age 61, Billing Specialist

“I was feeling pulled in so many directions that I felt paralyzed and didn’t know where to start. Almost immediately after working with Shirley, I was able to turn off some of the chatter in my head, set some goals and take steps to complete them. I have gone from no exercise to exercising 3 to 5 times a week!  I also started doing some hobbies which I had not done for a couple years. I wouldn’t have made this progress without my coach!”

Dee Dee Huffman

Lost 14 Pounds in 3 Months

Age 57, Business Owner

I lost 14 pounds in 3 months! Coaching provided me with someone to be accountable to, fresh ideas and a different perspective on what I can do to improve my health and life. Dr. Christianson is very good at bringing out the inner ‘you’ that you truly want to be.  He doesnt impose what HE feels would be right for you but instead encourages you to realize and understand your obstacles and helps you discover your own strengths, then helps you implement them into a comprehensive life plan.”

Lanae Felice

Even a Coach needs a Coach

Age 35, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach

“On the outside I looked healthy. On the inside, I was struggling and had low energy. Through coaching I was able to drastically improve my energy and maintain 40 pounds of weight loss. Even a coach needs a coach!”

* Program investment depends on your goals, motivation, and level of commitment.  Call (970) 712-6059 or email Health@COORWellness.com for a FREE consultation today!

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