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Support Small Businesses Part 1

Yesterday many small businesses throughout the United States learned they did not get the help they’ve been waiting for the last few weeks. The Paycheck Protection Program was providing hope for many American small businesses and their team member who support them. While we applied for the program through two banks, we are not fortunate enough to receive this form of aid. While that’s discouraging, we have ways to make ends meet and wish to outline how they look. There are internal rewards when you Support Small Businesses and we’ll share how you can support us. Plus, these same things can likely be applied elsewhere.

Free Ways

While we’re firm believers there is nothing truly free. However, there are ways you can support COOR Wellness and other small businesses in Grand Junction that do not cost a penny. You simply take a little time away from reading the news, scrolling social media and cleaning the house to do so.

One free way number is leaving a positive Google review with an authentic testimonial. Google reviews will give the business both a small technical boost plus a moral boost during these times and they don’t cost you a penny. Keep in mind, many businesses are starting to automate solicitation of Google reviews and we believe the more authentic and true you are with your words matters the most. For instance, the 7 primary reasons people seek out COOR Wellness for their health needs are:

  1. Back pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Headaches
  4. Car accidents and motor vehicle accidents
  5. Pregnancy related back and hip pain
  6. Plantar fasciitis
  7. Running, triathlon, weightlifting, Crossfit and other athletic injuries

If you’ve had a positive experience with COOR Wellness briefly write what your experience was like while leaving your review. Using the conditions listed above helps others get the ethic care they need. You can CLICK HERE to leave a positive Google review. This will encourage all the team members who work at COOR Wellness now and in the future.

More Free Ways

A second way you can support COOR Wellness is watching, ‘liking’ and sharing our YouTube videos. It’s pretty crazy that we get paid a tiny bit of advertising revenue from YouTube (seriously, it’s not a lot) but you wouldn’t believe how motivating it is.

Here’s the backstory: a long time ago, we created our YouTube channel to show our patients how to do their exercises at home. The goal was to provide a resource and reference so our patients can care for themselves at home. However, something amazing began. We had one video that gained a lot of ‘Likes’ and people started sending us comments from all over the world saying how much it helped them. It made us realize that we can help people without ever seeing them. Plus, they get that help for FREE.

While this was inspiring, figuring out how to do more of it has been tricky. See, we began to get super busy as this happened and combining patient care time with filming time was tough. Furthermore, audiovisual equipment and technology is a whole professional study in itself.

For our patients who have plenty of free time, this is super simple and doesn’t cost you anything:

  1. Go to our YouTube Channel by clicking HERE
  2. Watch each video in the whole way through
  3. Click ‘Like’ on the video
  4. Comment what you liked about the video and what we need to do a better job of
  5. Share the video with your friends
  6. If you have specific topics you want us to create videos on, click HERE to tell us

In closing, these are just 2 ways you can help Support Small Businesses during these challenging times. They’re not going to pay the electric bills, but they show support and encouragement and oftentimes that’s helpful.

There are additional ways to help and we’ll write about them later. Or if you know additional ways or want to volunteer CLICK HERE and let us know.

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