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Spring Updates at COOR Wellness

This is one of my favorite seasons in practicing chiropractic. COOR Wellness patients are getting outside more. They’re making use of the recent snowfall at Powderhorn and getting out running and riding trails. It’s great to see and hear.

Reasonable Activity

Reminder to our outdoor enthusiasts: be measured in your enthusiasm. Get a few short to middle-distance runs and rides in before you push it for hours on end. The weather is going to be great, but your soft tissues need preparation for longer runs, hikes, and rides.

For our weekend lawn warriors, these same principles apply to your and your garden and lawn. Take breaks; hire help and do what is reasonable.

Observations on the Schedule

There are a lot of projects I am getting down behind the scene and getting new help trained in. One personal project I’ve been working on is spending more quality time with my wife and kids in the morning when I am fresh. I’ve been trying to schedule patients later in the morning and afternoon and I appreciate your support on this. I’ve had some priceless moments with my kids as my wife gets her adequate rest. Since we are homeschooling our kids, rest is important.

This appears to be working out well. If not, please speak up and let me know.

Patient Appreciation

One of our COOR Values is Expectation Exceeding Service. Despite not having trained in support, this is super important to me. On average we have 6 people who schedule online Saturdays and Sundays. It is financially impossible to serve those people with hired help on Saturdays and Sundays. But the online calendar can get that done.

When we have our next COOR Wellness team member in the clinic, I want them to be able to greet you by your first name and roll out the red carpet for you. Until I find someone that provides me confidence that they’ll care for you to the level I expect, I don’t want to hire just anyone. I want them to connect with you and serve you the way I wish to serve you. With a smile, respect, empathy, and maybe a little humor.

To show you my appreciation, I am organizing a Patient Appreciation event for patients who have scheduled online from October 2021 until currently.

If you need to schedule, please CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.

Patients who have done this will be invited to a spring BBQ at the clinic. I have found the vendor who is going to help. We just need to figure out a date and time.

The event will be RSVP only as we need to have a precise order to give the food truck vendor. Please text 970-712-6059 if you wish to attend & notify who you are in your text message.


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