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Stable Spines for Pregnant Mothers Event

Grand Junction, CO – COOR Wellness, a chiropractic clinic in Grand Junction, is hosting a free event – Stable Spines for Pregnant Mothers on Monday, April 16th, 2018 from 6-7pm. This free workshop is for mothers and soon to be expecting mothers who would like to hear how they can reduce and prevent back, neck, and hip pain during and after pregnancy. There will be a group of presenters including Dr. Bryce Christianson, CMU Exercise Science major Kristen Romano, CMU Fitness and Health Promotions major Cameron Johnson, Strength Coach Kevin Oney and CMU graduate Alyssa Reimer. The presenters will go over basic exercises and stretches that women can do at home to help relieve their pain and strengthen their spines for after the pregnancy.

Dr. Christianson has advanced training in pregnancy chiropractic care and certified in Webster Technique which is a chiropractic adjustment specific to the sacrum. Webster Technique helps align the mother’s pelvis, balances the muscles and ligaments around the pelvis and helps the expecting mother have less pain during pregnancy.

COOR Wellness provides a collaborative healthcare model to the community. The services at the wellness center include chiropractic care, certified health and wellness coaching, massage therapy, and functional movement and fitness.

Stable Spines for Pregnant Mothers Event

Stable Spines for Pregnant Mothers will be on Monday, April 16th, 2018 from 6-7pm at COOR Wellness. To RSVP, please call (970) 712-6059 or email Health@COORWellness.com.

COOR Wellness is located at 2140 N. 12th Street Grand Junction, CO 81501. For more information on our clinic please visit coorwellness.com.

Sample Pregnancy Exercises

Donkey Kicks

The class is going to offer over a dozen exercises for the Stable Spines for Pregnant Mothers event:

Donkey Kicks:
– Get down on all fours with your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulders
-While keeping core engaged, raise one leg until thigh is in line with spine (knee is kept at a 90 degree angle)
-Slowly bring your leg back down to starting position
-Repeat with the other leg








-Position the body in a balanced standing position
-Step back and allow the body to sink into the lunge position. Both knees should be at 90 degree angels (To protect your knees, do not let your front knee bend past your toes)
-Stand back up by pressing through the heel of the front leg
-Repeat with the opposite leg stepping back










Baby Pick Up
Baby Carry

Lifts and Baby Carries:
-Kneel down and lift the sandbag up so that it is by your chest (Left Pic.)


-From the kneeling position stand all the way up (Right Pic.)

-Then carry the bag as you walk


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