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TRX suspention straps Grand Junction Fitness Pain Prevention

Suspension Straps for Pain Prevention

Suspension straps, commonly known as TRX straps, are a fitness tool that have gained a lot of traction in the fitness and health industry. Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Personal Trainers all over the world use suspension straps for pain prevention strategies. Suspension Straps are  popular because they improve strength, stability, and range of motion.

Using Suspension Straps

Suspension straps are long adjustable bands of nylon webbing that can be anchored to doors and rafters. They have either plastic, rubber, or sponge handles for an easy grip. They are designed to be a little wobbly so most motions force you to focus on control and stability. This extra movement is also great for stretching and improving range of motion. Suspension straps change your relationship to gravity making certain movements either easier or harder. 

If squats seem to be difficult on your joints, using suspension straps takes a lot of extra weight off of your joints and makes the movement easier on your muscles. If you need to make your workouts harder, you can also use suspension straps to your advantage by putting your feet in the straps so you do push ups at a downward angle. This adds more weight for your chest and arms to work with. Most exercises done with suspension straps also highly challenge the core with the added need for stability.

TRX Suspension Straps 

The most well known brand of suspension straps are the TRX Straps. TRX is so well known that exercises involving suspension straps are simply named TRX exercises. They seem to be the brand that paved the way for pain prevention. When you purchase these straps, they include a workout guide to help you learn how to use them. The handles are made of a soft foam for an easy grip and anchor clips for easy set up. They are the most expensive option of the three provided and the majority of customers seem satisfied. 


Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Straps 

The Jungle Gym Straps are a little more affordable than TRX Straps. Instead of offering anchoring clips, these straps wrap around the bar. The downside to this is a more difficult set up, but an up side seems to be they are better at bearing heavier weight than the TRX straps. Another feature setting the Jungle Gym appart from TRX is the handles are made of rubber and plastic making the grip slightly more uncomfortable but much easier to clear. Jungle Gym also provides instructional video and charts to teach you how to use them. 


DIACLARA Bodyweight Fitness Straps

The Diaclara Straps are the most affordable of the three options. These straps are made with anchoring clips, and foam handles like the TRX bands. One major downside to these straps is they don’t offer a foot cradle strap like the Jungle Gym and TRX straps. These would be great if you want to implement a few suspension strap movements here and there within your workouts and don’t want to break the bank.


Using Suspension Straps to Prevent Pain 

If you are needing something to help you prevent pain or implement into your fitness routine, suspension straps are right for you. The three options in this blog provide choices from high quality to affordability. You can use suspension straps almost everywhere and they are perfect for your at home workouts. If you would like more instruction on how to use suspension straps, visit us at our website or call us at 970-712-6059.

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