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Two Biggest Reasons for Seasonal Back Pain

It happens every year between Thanksgiving and New Year. People suffer from back pain and they are unable to identify why. This article will explain the Two Biggest Reasons for Seasonal Back Pain and more importantly how to prevent it.

Reason 1 – Change in PhysicsFemale-with-back-pain

Don’t allow the word ‘Physics’ deter you from continuing. This will be easier than high school physics.

We all know that Thanksgiving is a reason to indulge. While many people prepare by running or hiking before they feast on turkey, potatoes, and stuffing the overall caloric balance is rarely in your waist line’s favor. Most people eat more than they spend.

Thanksgiving (if not Halloween) starts a season of overeating. There are holiday parties where there is rich food and your co-workers enjoy the season of giving you unavoidable homemade cookies. The availability of calorie dense food is unlike any other time of the year.

So, unless you’re strong enough to withstand all these indulgences you’re going to gain a little weight. And where on the body most people gain weight (around the midsection) affects your back. The more weight you gain in your abdomen the more your back will be strained.

We see this every year.

Reason 2 – Change in Activity

With sun and temperatures making it more challenging to get outside for a hike and walks the fitness for your back to sustain it’s new weight often contributes to seasonal back pain. Walking, and better yet hiking, are the best ways to prevent back pain and often times one of the best ways to relieve back pain.

Furthermore, during this season we often exchange work out session at the gym for trips to the mall or prolonged sitting sessions shopping online. These changes contribute to changes in the back and often lead to seasonal back pain.



Take Action

You’re able to prevent seasonal back pain by taking some easy actions. We’ll bullet point them for you here:

  • Eat to 80% full – for more on this, read this ARTICLE
  • Schedule your workouts and walks

If you’re already having back pain, do not wait for it to go away. Schedule an appointment to get it feeling better by clicking HERE



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