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Plantar Fasciitis

Experts in Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciits is a major pain. It can leave you inactive and avoiding your normal daily activities. Many of the solutions are available to you are medicore. Some are helpful, but only if the cause of your foot pain matches the solution offered. Then there are expensive solutions that are as helpful as flushy a $100 bill down the toilet.

Common Symptoms

Just because you have foot pain doesn’t mean you have Plantar Fasciitis. There are many painful conditions in feet, but the hallmark symptom is pain upon the first step in the morning. Another common symptom is having pain after being on your feet all day. Furthermore, plantar fasciitis creates pain after standing on what we call offensive surfaces (hard surfaces like running a marathon on concrete).

Who Experiences Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar-fasciitis-Grand-JunctionWe treatment many different people with plantar fasciitis in Grand Junction. It’s often:

  • runners who are increasing their mileage
  • Crossfit athletes who are pushing themselves hard
  • hard workers who are on their feet
  • busy mothers taking care of kids all day

Regardless of what lead to your feet hurting, you need to have a clinician evaluate your symptoms.


Our approach involves a comprehensive evaluation checking all the tissues, joints and muscle that may be influencing your symptoms. Some specific areas we check are:

  • bottom muscles of the feet
  • ankle joint and it’s ligaments
  • joints between foot bones
  • achilles tendon and muscles in the back of the leg
  • hamstrings
  • back and neck muscles

Our evaluation also involves feeling the tissues. We get great information about the status of the tissue based on how they feel.


The in-office treatment you’ll have will include respected soft-tissue treatments, joint care, and ancillary treatments like ice or heat depending on your stage of treatment.

The most helpful area of care you’ll receive is our education process. We have a unique way of educating you on your feet. The purpose behind this is to allow you to care for your feet forever. We want you to be self-sufficient and confident you’re going to be well for life.

This video offer some common home treatments. BUT I am hesitant to continue to share it. The reason why is we’ve found that there is a better way. We’ve found a couple ways to teach plantar fasciitis sufferers the intricacies of their condition and how to respond to them. We call it: “Reading Your Symptoms”

Reading Your Symptoms

Have you ever heard how a quarterback “reads the defense”. The quarterback will see things, decide what is going on and then respond with the best play.

That is what we do with our patients. We teach them how to read their symptoms and respond with the appropriate ‘play’ or treatment.

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