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Heal From the Safety of Home

Pain relief and improved mobility from home is possible.

The COOR Wellness team serves patients in Grand Junction Colorado

and Globally through innovative Telehealth services.

The Future of Personalized Wellness

Grand Junction Telemedicine Telehealth Chiropractor

Results May Vary, But The Level of Care is Consistent

Common Needs Served Through Telehealth

  • Lower back and hip pain
  • Knee and foot pain
  • Neck and shoulder pain

A Conservative Approach

No one wants drugs, medications or surgeries unless they’re really needed. People want to feel better with natural solutions and feel like they’re in control of their. Telehealth provides for this.

  • Tell our providers what you’re experiencing
  • A movement exam will help aid in the diagnosis
  • Start with natural solutions from the comfort of your home


THE COOR Wellness Approach leads you to know what home remedies, exercises, or stretches are going to work. The evaluation will tell us what’s going to help. 

  • Mobility solutions
  • Stability solutions
  • Strengthening solutions


You’ll be able to use your insurance or pay our cash rate if you do not have insurance. When you use your insurance, you will be required to pay the cash rate at the time of scheduling. We’ll happily submit your claims on your behalf.

  • $25 for 10 minutes
  • $50 for 20 minutes
  • $75 for 30 minutes

* Please ask for package rates or if you need financial assistance

Schedule an appointment or consultation

If you know you want to proceed with care, please click here or call 970-712-6059 to schedule an appointment. Please mention you’re wanting COOR Telehealth when scheduling so we can prepare for your visit.

If you’re wanting to speak to the doctor or have questions, we welcome you to schedule a free 10 minute consultation. During the consultation we will answer your questions.

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