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A thorough exam that cuts to the chase. Know exactly what needs treatment.

Expert natural care to speed up your recovery.

Home exercise programs that improve healing time and prevent future problems

Easy Step by Step Process That Speeds Up Healing


We listen to your needs in detail.


An evaluation that tells you what treatments will help you the best, and which treatments aren’t necessary.


Create a coordinated treatment plan that leads to a quick recovery.

The Best Choice For Your Needs

Active and hardworking people in Grand Junction get frustrated when back pain, stiff joints and a slowing metabolism get in their way of work and fun. When you’re sore and tight to the point where you cannot run, hike, bike, ski, hunt, fish or work without pain you know there is something wrong. That’s when you need a chiropractor, massage therapist and fitness professional who understand your problem.
The COOR Wellness Team understands your need to work and play without pain. We understand you want to be active and enjoying the outdoors and not be grumpy with your family, friends and coworkers.
The easy step by step COOR Wellness Approach to natural health care will help you feel better quickly. If you’re having joint, back or neck pain you’re welcome to have a free consultation with our doctor of chiropractic and clinic director Bryce Christianson, DC.
If you decide you need help, we’ll listen to your troubles and hear the health goals you have. Next, our evaluation process tells us exactly what treatments and exercises will help you recover quickly. Then, when you’re feeling better you’ll be given a plan to help you stay well in the future. The prevention plan will help you hike, bike, run and stay active in the beautiful Grand Junction and Fruita area without pain.
The COOR Wellness Team provides natural care within a collaborative or integrative health care model. We believe you’ll recover and feel better than ever with a combination of the “Coach Approach” and the “Doctor Approach” to health care. The ‘CO’ in COOR is from the CO in word ‘coach’. The ‘OR’ in COOR is from the OR in ‘doctor’. We believe you’ll feel better than ever when you experience coordinated health care combining these two approaches. The doctor approach is needed to make sure an accurate diagnosis is made. The coach approach is needed to facilitate changes and behaviors that influence the cause and change the course of your future. The coach is interested in seeing you get better now and in the future.


The combination of ethical chiropractic care, deep tissue and relaxation massage therapy, fitness and strength coaching, nutrition coaching and natural weight loss programs delivered by COOR Wellness in Grand Junction, Colorado will help you feel better quickly and avoid pain in the future.
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