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Success Stories

Mary Beth Litsheim – Crossfit World Games Champion 2011, 2014, 2016

Dr. Christianson has helped me overcome many physical obstacles during my pursuit of competing in the CrossFit World Games. His care has helped restore me to a position of strength. I highly recommend his services and insight.

Weightlifting Grand Junction
Shirley Callaway – World Champion Powerlifter

For the past six years, I have competed in Olympic Weight Lifting, even at my current age of 62. In fall of 2015, I had hip pain which turned into a chronic problem. One can only imagine how devastated I was when a practitioner advised me to Completely Stop Olympic Weight Lifting Forever! That was, until I became a patient of Dr. Bryce Christianson in December 2015. Because of Dr. Christianson’s thorough and complete assessment, he was able to successfully treat me with Active Release Technique. After six weeks, not only had my hip pain diminished, but I competed in the Colorado State Games for Olympic Weight Lifting. Imagine my delight with a Gold medal in my division! Three months out, because my hip continued to improve with Dr. Christianson’s Active Release Technique, I was able to compete at Nationals in Savannah, Georgia. And I am currently the new National Champion in my division with plans to compete at Worlds in Germany this October 2016. Thank you, Dr. Christianson for helping me Bring Home the Gold!  – Shirley Callaway

Trail Running Grand Junction
Jeff Friedman – Ultra Runner

I contacted Dr. Christianson this winter after my lower back and hamstring issues had become detrimental to my daily routine.  I couldn’t even drive to work without significant discomfort. My back issues were new, but my hamstring issues were something that I always just accepted as a drawback to my long distance running. After a few adjustments, my lower back feels better than ever.  I’ve been able to keep my back in good shape with the follow up exercises recommended by Dr. Christianson.  My chronic hamstring issues have been cured by regular practice of the BHSE. With my “new” back and hamstrings I’ve been able to take over 10 hours off my best 100 mile running time (from 28:50 to 18:35). I truly feel like a new runner. Thanks Dr. Christianson!  – Jeff Friedman

Grand Junction Chiropractor
Steve – Rock Climber & River Runner

I’ve had pinching in my neck for years. On three occasions the pinching was so bad it cut off the strength to my arm only taking months of effort to get things back. I always thought I could work things out on my own, but after this last bout of losing strength in my arm, I sought out help. Dr. Christianson didn’t fix me overnight, it took a couple of visits, and I had to do my part. But wow! I no longer am constantly swinging my arm around twisting my neck to relieve the problem. I am also continuing to pursue my favorite sports of rock climbing and river running. Granted, you can’t fix old, but I’m doing ok for an old guy, and I no longer have that limiting neck problem.
Thanks Dr. Christianson

Running Grand Junction
Rim Rock Marathon Finisher

When I came to see Dr. Christianson I had pain in my hip, an injury that was difficult to identify and created on and off stiffness and soreness.  I was worried that the injury would impact my running ability.  Dr. Christianson spent enough time with me on our initial visit to really understand my concerns and identify the injury.  His resulting treatments left me pain free within 2-weeks and, with some follow-up for maintenance; I went on to get second place in my age category at the Rim Rock Marathon.  – Chris R

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