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Massage Therapy


Licensed Massage Therapist Wanted

Currently, at COOR Wellness, there is one licensed massage therapist who runs a private business in a comfortable, quiet relaxing private room. Her name is Daphny Seeley and she provides one of the best relaxing massages you will ever experience. To schedule with her, you can text or call her at 970-712-4865.

We are looking to share our beautiful clinic with one more Massage Therapist. The ideal therapist is:

  • Wanting to grow their practice (we have patients asking for massage regularly)
  • Licensed in Colorado
  • Provides Deep Tissue Massage, Rolfing or Structural Integration
  • Wants to run their own private practice
  • Set their own schedule
  • Knows interprofessional communication standards
  • Click HERE if you are interested

Professional Massage Therapy

The massage therapy services at COOR Wellness are designed to help:

  • you feel better
  • reduce your pain
  • experience reduce muscle tightness
  • you sleep better
  • reduce stress
  • improve your joints

People who benefit from Massage Therapy

We believe massage therapy is important for wellness and injury recovery. Whether you’re wanting help with a specific complaint or needing time to rejuvenate, we’re here to help you.

People who often enjoy or need massage include:

  • active and athletic individuals
  • runners, swimmer,s and cyclists
  • Crossfit athletes
  • people in chronic pain
  • physical laborers
  • desk workers
  • those needing stress relief

Forms of Massage Therapy

There isn’t one specific form of massage that fits everyone. We listen to your requests, then deliver the type of massage you’re needing.

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage *Please specify while scheduling*
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Myofascial Release

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