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Pregnancy Care

Advanced Training in Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Expecting mothers deserve to feel well during their pregnancy. Physical changes during pregnancy are inevitable, but having an experienced chiropractor certified in the Webster Technique to help improve alignment and movement during pregnancy can help mom feel well.

Dr. Christianson, clinic director at COOR Wellness, is proactive in obtaining advanced training in pregnancy chiropractic care and is certified in Webster Technique.

After taking the required maternity and pediatric training in school, he wanted to understand how to help expecting mothers better.  While in chiropractic college he took advanced training and was first Webster Certified in 2005 and re-certified in 2015. There is a significant difference in seeing a chiropractor who is certified in Webster Technique versus some who say they ‘do’ or ‘know’ Webster technique.

Furthermore, chiropractic care is only part of the pregnancy care plan. You’re going to want to be strong and stable through the pregnancy. You want to be strong after the baby is delivered. At COOR Wellness you’ll receive self-care strategies and strengthening support so you’re well after your pregnancy.

Webster Certification

Webster Technique Pregnancy Chiropractic Grand Junction 2005
Webster Technique Pregnancy Chiropractic Grand Junction 2015

Results May Vary, But The Level of Care is Consistent

Common Symptoms

Pregnant mothers can expect help for their:

  • Lower back and hip pain
  • Lower leg and foot pain
  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Abdominal tension


COOR Wellness believes in a team approach to health care and wellness. We work in tandem with your other providers throughout your pregnancy. You may find that utilizing additional COOR Wellness services beneficial during your pregnancy:

  • Massage Therapy for relaxation and decreased muscle tension
  • Health Coaching for achieving your health goals during pregnancy
  • Chiropractic care for pain relief and good joint movement


Our approach involves a comprehensive evaluation checking all the tissues, joints and muscle that may be influencing your pregnancy. Some specific areas we check are:

  • back and neck muscles
  • hips and pelvis

Our pregnancy evaluation always include the respected Webster Technique protocols


The in-office treatment you’ll have will include respected soft-tissue treatments, chiropractic care, and ancillary treatments like massage and appropriate strengthening.

The chiropractic care we offer to the mother will be appropriate for each trimester and you always have the choice of having gentle instrument adjustments or manual chiropractic adjustments.

Schedule an appointment or consultation

If you know you want to proceed with care, please click here or text message at 970-712-6059 to schedule an appointment. Please mention you’re pregnant when scheduling so we can prepare for your visit.

If you’re wanting to speak to the doctor or have questions, we welcome you to schedule a free 10-minute consultation. During the consultation, we will answer your questions.

Self Care Strategies From Home

No one wants to make trips to the chiropractor unless they absolutely need to. Pregnant moms want to take care of themselves and help themselves feel better. Most importantly, your pregnancy is just half of the journey.

You’re going to need to be strong after your pregnancy.

All COOR Wellness pregnancy patients get free access to our Stabile Spines for Pregnant Moms strengthening program.

In this video program, you learn all the right ways to safely strengthen your hips, spine and neck to avoid trouble during and after your pregnancy. Our pregnant patients get free access to this video program ($147 value).

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