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We’re looking for interns. If you want an internship please submit your resume with a cover letter.

Are you looking for an excellent learning opportunity and internship hours for undergraduate school, chiropractic, or physical therapy school?  COOR Wellness may be right for you and you may be right for COOR Wellness!  We operate in a mission-oriented team environment guided by our COOR Values (see About Us to learn more).

We will review internship applications for students interested in the following:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Sports Psychology
  • Exercise Science and Fitness
  • Health and Fitness Promotion
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Business, Marketing, and Leadership
  • Audio / Video Production

Don’t see your specialty?  No problem, tell us why you should be considered anyway!  Please send your resume and cover letter to DRBC (at) COORWellness.com

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