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Influences to be a Chiropractor Story One

When you’re looking for a chiropractor the process is much different than real estate. The old saying about “Location, Location, Location” may not yield the best results. The one down the street may be close, but they may not be the best. Before moving to Grand Junction, and when I was very young, I learned how a quality chiropractor may help you quickly and save you money than simply going to the local chiropractor. Please read on if you’re interested.

Chisago is not Chicago

My grandmother who raised me taught me many life skills and lessons. She was also one of my family members who I first learned saw chiropractors. She first consulted with the closest chiropractor to her home but then after speaking to her trusted friends, she learned of an excellent chiropractor about 45 minutes away in a small town called “Chisago”.

There were conversations around the dinner table about her lower and middle back pain. Her increasing curve in the middle of her back was giving her grief. Her stamina to work in the kitchen was decreasing.

She planned to consult with a doctor in a town that required some planning and logistics. I was about four years old and pictured an overnight trip to Chicago. Little did I know it was only 45 minutes away.

The second chiropractor my grandmother consulted helped her feel better but they also assured her the trouble she was experiencing was normal. Furthermore, there were things she could do at home to help herself. She didn’t need ongoing never-ending treatment.

Integrity decreases Expenses

When a chiropractor focuses on the patient’s outcomes and goals the overall out-of-pocket expenses go down. This may seem like basic knowledge, but try sampling multiple chiropractors and you will quickly see many are more interested in their income than your outcomes.

The spine my grandmother received through no choice of her own needed help. The in-office treatments helped her feel well. The improvement however was temporary.

Good chiropractors with integrity provide home exercises to promote lasting improvement. My grandmother’s second chiropractor educated her on the curve in her middle back in the language she comprehended. He gave her spinal and shoulder exercises to improve her well-being. These helped her feel empowered and she had a say in how her later years would be.

The simple and free activities helped her save money on copayments, gas expenses and likely additional medical expenses later on.

Be wary of Fear Tactics

Sadly, many chiropractors use fear and manipulation to influence your decision-making. This is unethical but it’s easy to spot.

When you see this, respectfully request your records and seek a second or third opinion. Find a chiropractor who appears confident and caring. Someone who provides you with exercises to improve your outcomes. When it appears they’re more interested in seeing you frequently and not your overall wellness, your impression is correct.

Expression of Gratitude

Watching my grandmother’s chiropractor journey was really helpful in developing the philosophy and values for COOR Wellness in Grand Junction. The chiropractic care we offer is always combined with home exercises. The experience helped me see when you provide value, people will travel for quality care.

Lastly, it is with much gratitude that I need to express thanks to Dr. and Certified Athletic Trainer Josh Sandell who taught me how to evaluate and assign exercises. Also, chiropractor Dr. Greg Rose helped me further understand and appreciate what Dr. Sandell taught me. Please check out Dr. Rose’s extensive self-help library via this link: https://www.mytpi.com/exercises/

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