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Welcome Jamie

“Finding good help” is something you often hear these days. Sadly, something has impacted staffing in health care throughout Grand Junction. In many local healthcare facilities, you’re seeing poor service, and challenges on the phone and the experience you’re used to has now changed.

Finding a quality chiropractic assistant to serve the patients at COOR Wellness has been tough. In 2014 while planning to change names from “Colorado Chiropractic & Muscle Care” to COOR Wellness we started by listing out Five COOR Values we believed would stand the test of time. Regardless of technology, regulation, or other unexpected changes, as a team, we wrote down the following values to try to uphold:

  1. Integrity
  2. Dedicated to Results
  3. Selfless Team
  4. Growth
  5. Expectation-Exceeding Service

These COOR Values are the guiding principles that help us provide you an excellent chiropractic experience. They also help us try to attract the right type of people to work here.

Introducing Jamie

For five years, we’ve been looking for and trying to train someone who can help with both billing and bookkeeping. It was proving to be impossible until this spring. In January of 2023, I started organizing the material for a position that I wanted to hire for April of 2023. My focus was creating learning content, and the position details and envisioned the right training for that potential hire. Little did I know that person was looking for an internship with a similar interest.

In January I learned that Jamie needed an internship. She already had training in medical billing from a school in Utah but she was planning to finish her associate’s degree in accounting in May of 2023. She accepted an offer to intern here in January and then finished her intern hours in March.

Jamie’s Primary Focus

Jamie’s primary role will be to help with bookkeeping and insurance billing. She has been doing an excellent job troubleshooting billing issues, and helping to make your accounts ares are organized and accurate. Furthermore, she’ll be engaging with patients who have credit and helping people see a refund for overpayments.

All of these tasks can be done remotely and she’s been excellent at sending emails to patients who need updates and working with Medicare and other insurance companies to make sure claims are processed smoothly.

Furthermore, Jamie is a mother to four and a wife to a smart and ambitious husband. They have a busy active family involved in 4H and sports in Rangely, Colorado. It’s my goal to provide Jamie with a position where she is able to focus on her family, plus assist our chiropractic patients remotely from her Rangely home office. Her current position has flexible hours so she can manage her personal responsibilities with her work to serve you. In

Secondary Focus

Right now, most of our patients prefer the online calendar to schedule an appointment. No system, whether it’s through technology or through human effort will be perfect. But the ease and simplicity our online calendar provides is second to none. Eventually, it is our goal to make both Jamie and Amy available by telephone. The trouble staffing the phones however is spam. The majority of calls are distractions from work and serving patients. It may seem weird to not get a human on the phone at a small chiropractic clinic, but for now, the online calendar is all we have.

Helping with medical records and imaging will be something Jamie will help with too. If you’ve been to any of the local hospitals lately, you’ll see things are not operating as well as usual. While we used to have discs of X-rays mailed to us the same day as the study is taken, now we need to call and track them down.

Speak Up

As Jamie develops in her remote position at COOR Wellness, if you see an aspect of the clinic that needs improvement, please let us know. Your input is greatly appreciated. You may schedule online via THIS LINK or if you’re a new patient use THIS LINK.

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