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Influences to be a Chiropractor Story Two

Selecting a chiropractor in Grand Junction is not an easy thing to do. There are countless different philosophies and techniques. Plus, each clinic has different payment structures and fees. One thing that is super important when finding one is to find one who tells the truth. Unfortunately, there are many chiropractors who embellish the truth (even in Grand Junction Colorado). They’ll offer a cure for your most severe ailments. And if you bypass lifesaving interventions for too long, the cost can be more than financial.

My Influences to be a Chiropractor Story Two offers appreciation and insight into how my bonus grandmother and bonus mom (my step family) have influenced me to be a chiropractor. And specifically an honest chiropractor.

Go to the Hospital

My stepgrandmother we called “Nan” was very influential into me becoming a chiropractor. Her chiropractic story is rather amazing and I only share parts of it publicly. If you come in for an appointment, I’m happy to answer questions about it. But it’s so amazing that many people will be cynical and doubtful of the accuracy of it. During my first year in practice, I was able to interview her and record her story. Unfortunately, the media it was recorded on went bad.

The summary of her story looks like this:

Nan was experiencing consistent headaches. She lived within walking distance away from her trusted and well-respected chiropractor. After a few visits with no improvement, he feared the worst diagnosis and referred her to the hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital and failing physical therapy for her diagnosis she was discharged with leg braces and crutches. She was told she wouldn’t walk without assistance again.

Return to Chiropractor

She voluntarily returned to her trusted chiropractor and requested more help. He was willing, and not using fear tactics to manipulate her into care. She was optimistic and choose her treatment because she was confident it would help.

Despite her non-traditional diagnosis, she was able to walk again. Whether or not it was time or her chiropractic care that healed her, she always gave credit to her chiropractor


Grandma Nan and I would walk par 3 municipal courses up until her final years. I believe our last round was during one of my first years of chiropractic school. If the story was never shared with me, I would have never guessed she needed crutches and leg braces to walk while she was in her 30s.

She eventually passed away early in my career. Another interesting fact about Grandma Nan involves another chiropractic story. The diagnosis that eventually was the reason she passed was always diagnosed by an ethical chiropractor. A chiropractor she saw later in life took x-rays of her lower back and saw something that made adjusting her lumbar spine risky. He decided he could not adjust her lower back with traditional styles and needed to resort to low-force techniques.

Take homes for COOR Wellness Patients

My Grandma Nan’s story has influenced me in the following ways and I hope you see how they benefit you:

  1. I will refer you to other health care providers when your exam says they’ll help you better than I can
  2. If you want me to try to help you with non-traditional diagnoses, I can do so, but I will not over-promise or over-sell you on far-out cures
  3. I will adjust the technique applied to optimize your outcomes

Lastly, there is one more note I have regarding the photo with this blog. The woman on the left is my bonus mom, Carole. Carole helped COOR Wellness briefly during the most challenging year to date, 2021, when it was hard to find quality help. My stepmother Carole has managed chiropractic offices, worked their front desks, and is a chiropractic patient herself.


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