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Creating a Better Chiropractic Experience

COOR Wellness team members have been focusing on one thing:  Creating a Better Chiropractic Experience in Grand Junction Colorado. While COVID19 is creating havoc globally we’re practicing gratitude for living in such a beautiful and safe area. While densely populated areas are experiencing challenges we cannot fathom, we’re seeing a lot of people visiting the Grand Valley.  We’re not here to argue if that’s more beneficial or risky. We’ll leave that debate to the experts on social media.

Grand Junction ChiropractorSmoother Check-Ins

We hear regular grumbles over the iPad check in process we retired during COVID19. When creating the new system we were unsure what the reaction would be. But the comments and feedback have been amazing.

More and more people are saying they like this new system when they come in for their chiropractic adjustment. What we’re doing is sending a text message the morning of your appointment. This functions as 1 more reminder of your appointment plus there is a link to click to check in online. This is giving the doctor and massage therapist the ability to see what you need help with before you arrive.

The data we’ve collected through this is telling. This new system is here to stay.

Grand Junction ChiropractorSmoother Payments

Running credit cards for payments is costly. Only business owners truly know how expensive processing credit cards is. In 2018, we learned that running a card on file cost us twice as much as ‘swiping’ your card upon your arrival.

Regardless of cost, our goal is to fulfill COOR Value #5 – Create an Expectation Exceeding Experience. Our new payment system is doing that.

On the online check-in, you’re able to tell us ‘run the card on file’ or ‘send an electronic invoice’. Patients are loving this before their chiropractic adjustment. You can still use a cash or check upon arrival but there are some new logistics there. We’ll go over them with you in person.

Grand Junction ChiropractorSupport Small Business

We’re a small family owned business and there are a couple simple things you can do to help support us.

  1. If you’ve seen us giving you and the community a 5 Star Effort, will you please share your support by giving us a 5 Star Review on Google by CLICKING HERE
  2. We’re not perfect and cannot always provide 5 Star Service. That’s why we said a 5 Star Effort. But our goal is to always do an excellent job for our patients and the community. If you’ve ever received less than expected service, please provide feedback by CLICKING HERE. We’re open to hearing your constructive feedback and will use it to improve our policies and systems.

In conclusion we ask you to be forgiving of other small businesses during this time. They’re all challenged in trying to create a good experience for you. Cut them and other humans some slack.

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