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The COOR Community Hero for this week is Melissa! To show our love to see unsung heroes making a difference in the community. To, also, celebrate Patient Appreciation Night, we want to share an unsung hero each week and share how they are involved in their community. Community-Hero-Grand-Junction

Melissa is the advisor for a school club, Future Business Leaders of America, with 30 students at Palisade High School. Additionally, Melissa and six other students will be venturing to Albuquerque, NM for a Leadership Conference very soon.

These Future Business Leaders of America get to learn valuable skills and how to use them when they become our next Leaders. October 22nd to the 23rd, Melissa and 15 other students will be taking a trip to Vail, CO for another Leadership Conference: The Fall Leadership Conference. The students will compete at districts, then go to Denver for State, and then hopefully San Antonio for Nationals. The cost for this conference is $150 per student. One of the ways these students can fund raise is by working concession stands. However, you can help these students get there – see below.

Melissa says,

“These opportunities give students wonderful leadership, presentation, and networking skills. They work very hard for competitions, raising money for the March of Dimes, and doing school events like the Homecoming Parade and Trick Or Treat Street at PHS.”



How YOU can help Future Business Leaders:

  • Sponsor a student to the Colorado Fall Leadership Conference in Vail (They need businesses to sponsor students)
  • Become a judge for their district competitions in February at CMU
  • Be a Workshop Presenter (Preparing for careers, college, leadership, financial management, or stress relief would be a benefit to the workshops they offer).
  • Let students know about any internship opportunities you may have for them.

Call (970) 712-6059 to let Melissa know how you want to help!



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