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3 Ways to Maximize Your HSA or Flex Spending Account

We’re approaching 2020 quickly and people are already asking how they can maximize their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), their Flex Spending Accounts (FSAs) and their insurance benefits. There are ways to use that money now but reap the benefits all of 2020. This article will show you 3 Ways to Maximize Your HSA or Flex Spending Account with services that improve your health.

Massage All Year

Nearly everyone loves massage. It’s a break from busy schedules. You devote 60 to 90 minutes to either get ‘pampered’ or feel better. Plus your tight muscle and your family thanks you for taking some time to yourself.

You can use your HSA or FSA on massage or better yet Massage Packages where you earn a discount. While we do not bill health insurance for massage you can use your HSA or FSA for massage. Some plans may require a referral from Dr. Christianson or your primary care physician. To date, 100% of massage therapy services have been covered by the HSA or FSA accounts our patients use.

Furthermore, we do not have a ‘Use it or Lose it’ policy that so many other places in Grand Junction have. If for any reason you’re unable to use your massage credit you can gift it to someone. When you’re unable to find someone to use it, we gift it to a patient who is needing massage for free.  That way you’re satisfied that someone who will benefit will use it and it will not go to waste.

Chiropractic Packages

Many patients who use their HSA or FSA do so because their insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic and they pay the self-pay rate. You can save additional money by using your funds for a chiropractic package. These packages are a great way of receiving focused wellness care. We start by doing a full movement assessment, hearing your health goals and creating plan for you to achieve your goals.

Patients receive free home exercise instructions to improve their outcomes and reduce the number of visits. Overall, this is the most affordable way to receive chiropractic care.

While many clinics are offering “Unlimited” chiropractic care this is really a bait and switch technique. The main intent with this approach is to get your credit card on file and create recurring revenue for the business. 100% of the patients that come to COOR Wellness from these businesses in Grand Junction tell us they are getting adjusted three times per week for months on end.

While the monthly expense sounds “cheap” the “care” is also cheap. It’s not private. It’s mindless and  you spend excessive time traveling to and from appointments.

Using your HSA or FSA on chiropractic packages at COOR Wellness you receive a complimentary examination that shows if chiropractic adjustments will be helpful or if you simply need home exercises. Plus, if you need adjustments you’ll receive them in private treatment rooms where the doctor and movement specialist will check your progress each time and advance your supportive exercises at home. You’ll receive less trips to the chiropractor and more confidence you’re able to care for yourself.

Natural Weight Loss ProgramNutrition-Coaching

The Natural Weight Loss Programs at COOR Wellness focus on improving your habits and lead to sustainable results. Many programs in Grand Junction require a bunch of products and are super expensive. At the end of your program, you realize you are dependent on products and return to your starting weight.

The programs COOR Wellness offers focus on habits. They take time, but results speak for themselves.

To date, in 2019 COOR Wellness clients are averaging a weight loss of .8 pounds per week and 10% body weight loss. That means a 150 pound person is losing 15 pounds is less than a year. Or a 200 pound person is losing 20 pounds is less than a year. This is strictly through behavior changes. You can still eat what you want.

Want to know more about the program? Check out the coaching page by click HERE



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